An Inside Look At Using A Cell Phone Tracking Device


After getting 4 emails this past week asking questions about using a cell phone tracking device, I thought it would be a good idea to put up a quick post about how this works.

And I think there’s a misconception that using a cell phone tracking device means that you have to install a physical device on the phone, but in reality you can use a nifty piece of cell phone spying software that lets you not only track the location of the phone, but also see any activity that happens on the phone.

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The Inside Scoop On Using A Cell Phone Tracking Device


cell phone tracking deviceIf you look up above there’s a link that takes you to SpyBubble – the leading cell phone monitoring software.

This software not only acts as a cell phone tracking device, but it also lets you see all of the activity from the phone that you’re tracking.

The GPS tracking feature will let you see the location of the phone (and person) anytime you want.  You’ll see on a map the exact address of where it is.

And on top of this, you’ll get access to advanced monitoring features that make it easy to find out exactly what the person who owns the phone is up to.


Here’s what you can see with Spybubble:


  See the text messages from the phone, even if the person deletes them

  Look at a list of all phone calls made (and also received)

  See any pictures that the person takes using the phone

  View any web browsing history that has happened on the phone

  Be able to see any chat or instant chat messages


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Much more than a cell phone tracking device!


As you can see, Spybubble does a ton more than just track a phone’s location, it’s a full fledged monitoring program that lets you see what someone is doing.

And the cell phone tracking device feature of Spybubble is top-notch.  You can see exactly where the phone is at all times without the person ever knowing that you are monitoring the phone.

It’s an “invisible” program which means that you can’t see the program on the phone or detect that it’s installed.


If you’re looking for a cell phone tracking device, take a look at SpyBubble and the features that it offers!


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