Can I Hack Into Someone’s Text Messages?


Every now and then I get a question that has wording that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  And one question that I get quite often is if it’s possible to hack into someone’s text messages……

Let me explain what I mean by this…….


To me the word “hack” has a negative tone to it doesn’t it?  And most people that ask how to hack into someone’s text messages simply are asking if it’s possible to read someone else’s texts and monitor that person’s cell phone.   Perhaps it’s the same thing to a certain extent, but when I think of hacking I think of hard, sneaky work to get access to something – with cell phone spying software looking at someone’s text messages is incredibly easy to do.  There’s nothing hard or technical about it!


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It’s not something that I look at as hacking into someone’s text messages simply because all you do is install the software and then you’re able to see not just their text messages, but also pretty much everything else that they do on the phone.


So you’re able to see a list of all calls, any text sent or received, a complete log of any web browsing, instant messages etc.  This software is a complete surveillance tool that does a heck of a lot more than just let you see someone’s texts.


This type of software is completely undetectable as well so if you do use it you don’t have to worry about the person who uses the phone knowing that it’s installed.  It’s designed to be invisible so that you don’t have to worry about that.


Whenever I get asked how to hack into someone’s text messages I always point to this software.  It’s typically exactly what the person was looking for and a lot easier than they expected!


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