How Long Does It Take To Install Mobile Spy Cell Phone Spying Software?

Every now and then I get asked how long it takes to install Mobile Spy onto someone’s cell phone.  It’s a good question, since obviously the faster the better!

When you’re installing a cell phone spying program on to someone’s phone, naturally you don’t want the person to see what you’re doing.  That would defeat the whole purpose!

But it’s not hard to find a few minutes alone with someone’s phone.  And that’s exactly how long it takes to install Mobile Spyno more than two minutes.


So if the person whose cell phone you want to spy on goes to the bathroom, you have plenty of time to install it.

Of course there are other opportunities as well.  If they leave the house for a bit, or go into another room, or jump in the shower……there’s plenty of options!


And it’s easy to do.  When you get the program, there are full instructions on how to install it on any type of cell phone.  All you’ll do is type in a web address into the phone’s web browser, click a button and the install will run.  In reality it probably takes less than two minutes, so let’s say it won’t take any longer than two minutes just to be safe :)

And remember, Mobile Spy comes with a full money back guarantee, so you can download a risk-free trial….


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