How To Intercept Text Messages

For anyone wondering how to intercept text messages, I have two words for you – It’s easy!

By being able to intercept text messages you can find out exactly what is going on in someone’s life.  Just think about what you could find out by seeing everything that they’ve texted and anything that anyone else has texted to them…

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Texting is the new way for people to communicate.  It’s now used by almost everyone who has a cell phone.

And people will text each other about anything!  There’s no doubt that being able to intercept text messages would give you a lot of information about someone!


To intercept text messages all you’ll need is cell phone spying software.  This will let you see all of the texts from the phone that you want to monitor.

And that’s even texts that the person deletes.  It doesn’t matter if the owner of the phone wipes the text messages from the phone, you can still see it.

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How To Intercept Text Messages


Cell phone spying software is simple to use.  Here’s how it works:

1) You install the program on the cell phone where you want to intercept text messages.  This part takes 2 minutes and is very easy.

2) To look at the person’s text messages, you just login to a website (you’ll get a username and password) and you can then see everything from the phone right on your computer screen.  And you can do this from any computer no matter where you are.


You can more than just intercept text messages with this software, you can also see things like the phone calls from the phone, the full contact list, any instant messages and even any photos taken with the phone.  It’s cool stuff to see (kinda makes me feel like a spy agent lol)

Anyways, if you want to intercept text messages, you’ll be happy with just how easy it is!


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