How To Listen To Cell Phone Calls


Today I want to look at a new software that lets you listen to cell phone calls without the person who owns the phone ever knowing that you’re listening.  This takes cell phone spying to a whole new level and gives you more power than any other cell monitoring software offers…

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This software has a ton of features that I had to take a closer look at it.  So let’s get to it!


Unleash The Power To Listen To Cell Phone Calls!


listen to cell phone callsSpyPhone Gold is the software I had the chance to test out a little while ago and without sounding too “salesman-ish”, I gotta say it rocks!

This program has so many features and is the most technologically advanced cell phone monitoring software I’ve used.

And being able to listen to cell phone calls is really just the start….


First off, when you install the software on a phone you’ll be able to listen to cell phone calls anytime you want.  You’ll have full access to ALL the calls.


But even more powerful, you can actually “tap into” the phone at anytime and use it as a bugging device.  Let me expand on this….


What this lets you do is listen to what’s going on around the phone anytime you want.  So at anytime you can listen to the phone’s surroundings – think of the uses for this!


At anytime you can listen in and hear what that person’s doing.  You can hear their conversations with people – even if it’s not a phone call!



The Power To Listen To Cell Phone Calls Lets You….


Find out exactly what someone is doing and precisely who they’re talking to.  It’s the most complete surveillance tool out there.

And this program comes with all the standard cell phone spying features – you can see all of the person’s texts, look at their instant messages, see a log of their phone calls, look at any web browsing that they’ve done etc.


All in all, this software deserved to be featured in a separate post.  It’s more expensive than other programs, but obviously it’s a lot more advanced.  For many people this is the exact tool they need to monitor someone and find out the truth about what they’re doing.

After-all, when you can listen to cell phone calls you’ll know exactly what going on in that person’s life!


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