How To Tap A Cell Phone

Today I’m excited to talk about how to tap a cell phone and introduce a new program to our visitors that lets you listen in live to cell phone conversations.  This program is a step ahead of the rest in terms of the technology that it uses and is truly a “professional” cell phone spying program.

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How To Tap A Cell Phone And Listen To Calls

The program I want to take a closer look at today is Spyera’s SpyPhone Gold.  This program is truly unique in the sense that it lets you tap a cell phone and listen to conversations that take place on the phone.

And typically when I hear about someone wondering how to tap a cell phone they are looking for this feature.  As you know most cell phone monitoring programs don’t let you listen into calls.  You can see text messages, web browsing activity and a list of all phone calls, but normally you can’t actually hear the phone calls.


But SpyPhone Gold actually lets you tap into phone calls and hear everything that is said.  This means that any call made on the phone you can hear, an incredibly powerful tool!

And there’s also a “remote listening” feature which takes it a step further. This feature is a dream come true for cell phone spy enthusiasts….


With the remote listening feature you can actually listen to what is happening around the phone.  So let’s say that someone is at dinner with someone and their cell phone is on the table.  You can “tap in” to the phone and the microphone will become activate.  You will then be able to hear what is being said (assuming the phone is within hearing distance of course).

As you can imagine this feature can be extremely useful.  And of course this software is completely undetectable meaning that if you’re wondering how to tap a cell phone but are worried that the person might know that you’re listening, don’t be.  It’s 100% invisible.

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How To Tap A Cell Phone – Final Thoughts

One thing that I should point out is that this program is a lot more expensive than MObile Spy or other cell phone monitoring programs that are on our recommended list.  At close to $300 many people might shy away from it.  I should also point out that they offer a full moneyback guarantee though.

But if you’re in a situation where listening in to someone’s phone calls would help you get the answers you need to something, the price will be well worth it.  The features that it offers are above and beyond anything else available on the market.

For anyone wondering how to tap a cell phone, check out this program to see if it’s something that could help you!


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