Is Text Message Monitoring Legal?

Text message monitoring is more and more common as cell phone spying software becomes more well known.  There’s a number of people who use this sort of software to keep an eye on someone’s texts.

The question about whether or not cell phone monitoring software is legal comes up every now and then.  Obviously it’s a powerful technology but it also presents some potential privacy issues.

And to be frank, I’m not a lawyer.  I can’t answer this question with 100% certainty because of this.

As you might expect the answer also depends on where you live and what the laws are for that particular country, state, county, city etc.


In some places it’s legal as long as you are the legal owner of the phone.  So parents who provide their child a cell phone or employers who provide phones can use cell monitoring software without any worry.

Other places say that you need to own the phone AND tell the person who uses it that the software is installed.


Ultimately this software is often used without the person who is using it thinking about whether or not it’s legal.  However, it’s never a bad idea to check the laws and/or regulations where you live.

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