Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel – New Feature

There’s some exciting news coming out from the company that produces Mobile Spy.  They have released a new add-on to the software called the Mobile Spy LIVE control panel which lets you tune in and see what’s happening on the phone in real-time!

This means that you’re able to login to your Mobile Spy account and see what is happening on the phone at that current moment – LIVE in action.  So if the person is texting someone at that moment, you’ll see it.  If they’re dialing, you’ll see it.  And you’ll see live on a map where the phone is as it moves locations.


Click here to see a live demo!


Mobile Spy is the first cell phone spying program that offers this type of feature giving it yet another reason why it’s at the top of the pack.


Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel Features


Along with the features I mentioned above, the Mobile Spy LIVE control panel also lets you send remote commands to the phone.  Although this might not be a feature might be something that everyone uses, it comes along with this add-on so it’s worth mentioning.

When you have the LIVE control panel add-on you can send commands to the phone.  You can send an SMS text, you can dial a phone number, lock the phone, wipe the data from the phone and more.


See a full feature list here


At first look this feature has us extremely excited.  It’s a great add-on by the company and it shows that they’re always looking to make their cell phone spying software better.  The Mobile Spy LIVE control panel gives you the ability to remotely monitor a cell phone in real-time, a nice added benefit to the already long list of features offered by Mobile Spy.


This add-on comes add an extra cost – it’s $39.97 for a full year of access.  If you use the Mobile spy coupon code RXS-SPY25 you’ll save 25% off this, bringing the cost to under $30.  The 25% off also applies to the rest of your purchase as well.

We’ll be posting some screenshots of this addon shortly so you can see exactly what it looks like.  In the meantime go take a look at the Mobile Spy website to learn more about the Mobile Spy LIVE contol panel feature.


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